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Who is an Enterprise Architect & What do they do

Enterprise Architect focusses on working the chief executives of an organization in deciding the high-level direction that an organization/enterprise needs to take from a technology standpoint. Enterprise Architects usually have the following traits: Analyze the Business Structure & Processes of the organization Use the Quantitative & Qualitative data collected from internal & external systems to […]

Who is a Solution Architect & What do they do

Solution Architect focusses on defining the system & its interactions from a problem domain level. Notice that Solution Architecture is more abstracted than Technical Architecture. A Solution Architect usually has the following traits: Has a deep understanding of the Architectural approaches for systems & sub-systems interactions Works with Technical Architects to solution the system from […]

Who is a Technical Architect & What do they do

Technical Architect (also known as Application Architects) is usually the leader of the engineering team that develops a project/product. The Technical Architect usually has the following traits: Specialized in a particular Domain/Application/Stack Focussed on a single project/application. Strong Knowledge in Application Modeling Understands the business processes of the organization or the application Aims to increase […]