An obvious implication, for those of you who wish to be architects, is that you must pay adequate attention to the non-technical aspects of your education and your professional activities.Generally, the non-technical duties to be performed by an architect includes:

  1. Management Duties
  2. Organization and Business Related Duties
  3. Leadership & Team Building Duties

Management Duties

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Managing the Project– Help with budgeting and planning
– Follow budgetary constraints
– Perform sizing and estimation
– Perform migration planning and risk assessment
– Take care of or oversee configuration control
– Create Development Schedules
– Measure results using quantitative metrics and improve both personal results and the team’s productivity
– Identify and Schedule Architectural Releases
Managing the People– Build “trusted advisor” relationships
– Co-ordinate
– Motivate
– Advocate
– Delegate
– Act as a supervisor
Supporting the Management– Provide Feedback on appropriateness and difficulty of the project – Advise the project manager on the tradeoffs between software design choices and requirements choices
– Provide input to software project manager in the software project planning and estimation process
– Serve as a “Bridge” between the technical team and the project manager

Organization and Business Related Duties

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Supporting the Organization– Grow an architecture evaluation capability in the organization
– Review and Contribute to research and development efforts
– Participate in the hiring process for the team
– Help with product marketing Institute and oversee cost-effective software architecture design reviews
– Help Develop Intellectual Property
Supporting the Business– Translate Business Strategy into Technical Vision and Strategy
– Influence the Business Strategy
– Understand and Evaluate Business Processes
– Understand and Communicate the Business Value of Software Architecture
– Help the Organization meet its Business Goals Under Customer and Market Trends
– Identify, Understand and Resolve Business Issues
– Align Architecture with the Business Goals and Objectives

Leadership and Team Building Duties

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Providing Technical Leadership– Mentor Other Architects
– Produce Technology Trend Analysis or Roadmaps
Building a Team– Set Team Context/Vision
– Build the Architecture Team and align them with the vision
– Mentor Junior Architects
– Educate the team on the use of the Architecture
– Maintain Morale, both within and outside the architecture group
– Foster the professional development of team members
– Coach teams of software design engineers for planning, tracking, and completion of work within the agreed plan
– Mentor and coach staff in the use of software technologies
– Work both as a leader and as an individual contributor

One immediate observation you should make is how many non-technical duties there are. As mentioned earlier, DUTIES are the primary responsibility of an Architect which includes both Technical and Non-Technical.