Ever felt bored at workplace? I bet YES. So, what did we do to change boredom? Hmmm….. Most people would have gone through the boredom without realizing what to do next.

Boredom at workplace is the first sign of you feeling stuck/stagnant/demotivated. The more you keep yourself floating in that boredom, the more you become lazy & less productive. More time you get accustomed to boredom, it becomes a habit. This chain of boredom to less productive to less valued employee can even cause unexpected deviations in your career.

Before boredom attacks you, you should know how to kill boredom & win over it. Here are few proven ways to kill boredom.

  1. Volunteer for Training Activities at your organization – Instead you feeling aloof at your cubicle, it’s better to be proactive & wake up from your seat to do something worthwhile. The best way is to talk to your boss or even the HR team to see if there are opportunities for you to plan for some training activities for employees or other department. Companies welcome this pro activeness from employees and this is a great plus point for you in your appraisals. Another benefit that you get is an opportunity to learn & prepare for the training activity. This increases your knowledge in whatever subject you are planning to train. Also, you will lose the fear of public speaking & will start to love engaging with your colleagues.
  2. Learn a new skill – Instead of thinking what to do, it’s best to find out a skill that you have been trying hard to learn. Invest your time for enrolling in an online course and master the skill. This will be a great satisfying task that you could do sitting in your seat.
  3. Make your meetings worthwhile – Some employees feel that they wasted time in many meetings. This can lead to boredom. It’s always better to let your team or your manager know that a specific agenda has to be decided before any meeting is scheduled. What the attendees need to be prepared & what are we looking to solve or discover in that meeting needs to be set clear. This helps employees to prepare notes that are relevant for the meeting and make it engaging & productive.
  4. Take a break from work – If you feel bored most often at workplace, then probably it’s not the workplace that needs a change and instead it might be you who need a break. Break the exhaustion & go for some sightseeing with your friends/loved ones and come back refreshed.
  5. Start your website/blog & share your knowledge – It can be a great refreshment to work for yourself. So, go ahead & create a small website/blog of yours. You can write & share articles about something skill specific, some tips on a subject, or even share a recipe. The more visitors that reach your website & start commenting/ask doubts/express their gratitude for your valuable article would be the most satisfying feeling you can ever have. Alongside, you will also learn a lot about website creation, management, SEO, ranking, etc which again adds to your knowledge.
  6. Change your workplace – If you still feel bored/stagnant at the current workplace even after trying all of the above, then probably you should seriously plan to resign & join another organization. When you leave an organization, always keep good terms with them & its perfectly fine to say that I would like to explore more opportunities and that’s the reason for your resignation. As the world is a sphere, there might be a situation in your life where you get an offer from the organization that you had worked for few years back. So, keep everyone happy. A new workplace with new people & energy will mostly make you happy.
  7. Start a venture – There are many people whom I have met who say even working at world’s most reputed organizations doesn’t make them satisfied. They feel something is missing. It’s probably time for you to sit & think about what you want to do in your life as an entrepreneur. Start working with like minded people in a small budget & slow paced manner. Put a plan, put your heart & soul into your idea, work for it. Being your own boss & giving job opportunities to many people is a great feeling indeed. It’s very likely that you will become a CEO yourself with a great business idea.