Monthly Archives: February 2020

Object Oriented Programming Principles

In this post, we will learn the history, advent and features/principles of Object Oriented Concepts (OOPS). As an aspiring developer/senior developer/architect, you need to very well understand these principles and apply it to real world problems.

The State of Salesforce Developers

It is a fact that any Salesforce developer that you meet will have the following strengths and weakness. This is a consistent trend everywhere. I am writing this blog to basically put my thoughts on the state of salesforce developers. This is not to defame or criticize anyone or any company. I am just trying to share what I see, hear and feel about developers in salesforce ecosystem.

What are Design Patterns

Design Patterns has nothing to do with algorithms or programming constructs/concepts (like loops, big-o complexity, etc). Instead, Design Patterns guide you to structure the classes and how they should collaborate. Here, we will understand what Design Patterns are & what different categories of patterns are there.