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Knowledge needed by Architects

A competent architect always has an intimate familiarity with the architectural body of knowledge. The software architect should Be comfortable with all branches of software engineering from requirements definition to implementation, development, verification, validation & deployment Be familiar with supporting disciplines such as configuration management and project management Understand current design and implementation tools and […]

Skills needed by Architects

Architects usually play special LEADERSHIP role in a project. Ideally, a competent architect is An Effective Communicator A Manager A Team Builder A Visionary and A Mentor The Skills Needed for a Software Architect is broadly classified into 3 areas: Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Work Skills Communication Skills Specific Duty Examples of Duties Outward Communication […]

Non Technical Duties to be performed by Architects

An obvious implication, for those of you who wish to be architects, is that you must pay adequate attention to the non-technical aspects of your education and your professional activities.Generally, the non-technical duties to be performed by an architect includes: Management Duties Organization and Business Related Duties Leadership & Team Building Duties Management Duties Specific […]

Technical Duties to be performed by Architects

Not every architect in every organization will perform every one of these duties on every project. But a competent architect should not surprised to find himself or herself engaged in any of the activities listed below. Broadly, there are 2 categories of duties. Technical Duties Non-Technical Duties Technical Duties Specific Duty Examples of Duties Creating […]

Who is an Enterprise Architect & What do they do

Enterprise Architect focusses on working the chief executives of an organization in deciding the high-level direction that an organization/enterprise needs to take from a technology standpoint. Enterprise Architects usually have the following traits: Analyze the Business Structure & Processes of the organization Use the Quantitative & Qualitative data collected from internal & external systems to […]

Who is a Solution Architect & What do they do

Solution Architect focusses on defining the system & its interactions from a problem domain level. Notice that Solution Architecture is more abstracted than Technical Architecture. A Solution Architect usually has the following traits: Has a deep understanding of the Architectural approaches for systems & sub-systems interactions Works with Technical Architects to solution the system from […]

Who is a Technical Architect & What do they do

Technical Architect (also known as Application Architects) is usually the leader of the engineering team that develops a project/product. The Technical Architect usually has the following traits: Specialized in a particular Domain/Application/Stack Focussed on a single project/application. Strong Knowledge in Application Modeling Understands the business processes of the organization or the application Aims to increase […]